Iron Person Fitness Challenge

Squash Club’s Iron Person Fitness Challenge

After a long period of hibernation in 2020, the Squash Club roared back to life on the 26th of November resuming operations as soon as the Victorian Government gave the green light. After a very difficult year, Squash Club members were busting to get back on the courts for a hit.

Squash Victoria challenged our club to get people up and moving around after all the lounging around we had done during lockdown. In response, we developed the Iron Person Fitness Challenge; to test member’s stamina, endurance and with a twist, their minds all while pushing participants to their limits.

Participants in groups of 2-3 were challenged with mind bending Squash Club trivia questions that tested their knowledge of the club going back 20 years. Failing to pass the riddles, participants were given another chance to score points through various physical challenges. The following participants survived the challenges to each win a whopping $200 sports voucher and the title of Iron Person!

  • Enrico Avesani
  • Chris Knight

Congratulations to the winners of the Iron Person Fitness Challenge! The Squash Club’s next gruelling challenge will be at the Melbourne MS Mega Squash where club members will be battle night and day on the squash courts over a 24-hour period!